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After 9/11/01, I began a series of paintings based on T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets. A reviewer wrote:

“While ‘The Wasteland’ is considered by many to be the greatest poem of the twentieth century, for Fujimura ‘Four Quartets’ achieves an even clearer focus on the fundamental questions of art and literature, among them sacrifice, mystery, intuitive response and the eloquence of materiality…

There is a component of these paintings that cannot be seen except by the naked eye: photographic representation is an inadequate translation, perhaps more for these works than most art. As the eye travels from one moment of the painting to another - from a glistening river of blue to teardrops of green, streaks of vermilion to a shimmering layer of gold leaf falling perilously across the surface - there is an element of utter abstraction and peace that belies the intense training and experience required to produce these paintings.