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Junan Panel Series began in 1989, based on Fujimura's experience of encountering Fumi-e, bronze stepping blocks used in 17th-18th century Japan to persecute Christians by Tokugawa magistrates.  Fujimura encountered Fumi-e collection at Tokyo National Museum, and was profoundly affected by the experience.  He wrote "Silence and Beauty" (IVPress, 2017) to describe his journey:

"My personal encounter in the late 1980's with Fumi-e displayed at the Tokyo National Museum led me to read Endo's masterpiece, Silence.  As I write this, the novel is being made into a major motion picture by the master filmmaker Martin Scorsese.  A good friend of mine introduced me to Scorsese, and my conversation with him compelled me to write this book."

Fujimura served as a Special Advisor to Scorsese as well, and in the exhibit "Re-sonance" at High Line Nine Gallery in New York, he used a Fumi-e, a prop copy of the original Hagiwara (a bronze metalsmith who created the first twenty set in Nagasaki) Fumi-e, used on the set of "Silence" film, as part of the exhibit installation, and his Live Painting collaboration with composer, Percussionist Susie Ibarra.

Here are the new Junan series, painted specifically for "Re-sonance" exhibit on December, 2021 at High Line Nine Gallery in New York City, called "Junan - Lux" and "Junan - Aeterna"

Fujimura Drawing of Fumi-e (Original created by Yusa Hagiwara in 17th Century)

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