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These images are the frontispieces to a commission by Crossway publishing for the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible. These images will be printed by Rhino Press in New York City, to be released by Dillon Gallery starting later in April, 2011 as a limited edition (100) of 32x26” prints, hand touched by me with gold and platinum. Please contact Dillon Gallery for more information.

I wrote for the Artist’s Introduction for the Four Gospels illuminated Bible: From the Book of Kells (Irish, 9th century), to Limburg brothers (Duke of Berry’s Book of Hours, 15th century), to William Blake (18-19th century), past centuries have produced magnificent illumined manuscripts based on the Bible. In contrast, the twentieth century saw a void in attempts to integrate the artistic gift with the text of the Bible. In taking on this project, it is my bold and ambitious prayer that this new century will see a revisitation of the illuminated legacy, with the Bible as a source of creative inspiration and artistic expression, in both the East and the West.