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Waters Winery recently announced that they were the only winery in Washington with four wines in the Seattle Met Magazine Top 100 wines for 2013. Waters has invited me to provide the label design for now famed 21 Grams wine since 2005. The partnership has provided funds for International Arts Movement, as well as a splendid wine, a combination worthy of your interest!

It has been a joy to work with Waters Winery in Wala Wala Washington to design label every year for their 21 Grams offering. The proceeds are to benefit International Arts Movement, and I got to match the wine with the paintings I have exhibited.

Thus, over the years, the 21 Grams label has traced my career, and the review of the wine itself kept on improving each year as well.

My brother’s restaurant, The Plumed Horse, in Saratoga California, has featured these wines as well, matching the taste with the excellent food served. My art hangs in the background, creating a trifesta of taste and art. May our lives be filled with such feast-full moments!