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Susie and I are working toward her Carnegie Hall debut in October (I will prepare the accompanying visuals, and possibly even paint live there as well). This collaboration will be much more spontaneous and experimental in nature. Plywood Film has been documenting the process of our collaborations since last year, and they will be taking footage at The Brecht Forum as well.

Saturday, May 5

9:00 pm


Susie Ibarra Drum Sketches

World Premiere, Brecht Forum Commission

Solo Drumset, Kulintang & Percussion with Visual Art by Makoto Fujimura

“Billowy cerulean, incendiary scarlet, and icy silver leapt from the exquisite paintings [of Makoto Fujimura] lining the gallery walls. Perched among them, Susie Ibarra coaxed sound from two small cymbals, rubbing them together before rolling her snares-off drum, eliciting the full range of sound and texture afforded by this austere set. Her elegant, minimalist musical statement harmonized with the visuals that inspired it and exuded the focused artistry and controlled technique that have made her one of the most highly regarded and sought-after drummer-percussionists in creative music.

Since asserting herself as a leader and composer in the late ‘90s, Ibarra has fostered an interest in cross-media artistic collaboration, such as the 2005 Sara Tecchia Gallery exhibit of painter Makoto Fujimura described above.

“Inspired by visuals and drawing from a broad range of musical influences—from classical and opera to punk, free jazz, and Asian gong music—she has forged a sound as both a percussionist and composer that is unique.” - Sean Fitzell

Admission $10

451 West Street, New York, NY 10014 - (212) 242-4201 - email: brechtforum at

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